Cape Breton-born game developer sets sights on the stars

THE CHRONICLE HERALD, Halifax, June 14, 2018

Cape Breton-born game producer Randall Thompson is taking to Kickstarter to get Vertium, his fifth board game, out into the universe.

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Eye injury leads Cape Breton game creator back in time

THE CHRONICLE HERALD, Halifax, December 15, 2017

Randall Thompson thanks God for an eye injury that led him to his current path. When his eyes became photo-phobic and unable to handle bright light, he went back in time, reading classics, listening to the radio and playing games with his kids. That got him into inventing games and this Christmas his popular family sleuthing card game Get Adler! is for sale in more than 500 Barnes & Noble stores in the United States as well as online.

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New Waterford native coming home to release new board game

CAPE BRETON POST, Sydney, September 05, 2017

Randy Thompson of British Columbia, who has been inventing board games for 16 years, will launch his new card deduction board game Get Adler! at the Rose Schwartz Memorial Park in New Waterford on Oct. 28 from 12-2 p.m. “It will be a big fun party atmosphere, a family friendly event,” said Thompson. During the launch Thompson will announce details of his business deal with Barnes & Noble, which is selling the game in its stores in the United States.

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Cape Bretoner creates mysterious drama-driven game for the whole family

THE CHRONICLE HERALD, Halifax, November 16, 2016

It’s 1937 and you’re in London, England. A double agent, MI6 Agent Alder, has stolen top-secret documents and it’s your job to find him. The only clue is an intercepted message: “Trafalgar at seven.” You’ve got seven hours to complete this task.

But don’t worry — it’s just a game (and the game only takes about 30 minutes). The deduction card game Get Adler!, created by a Cape Breton native, has hit the markets across Canada.

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New Waterford native believes his latest game is a classic

Cape Breton Post, Sydney, November 17, 2016

Randy Thompson, who now lives in British Columbia, said his new card game Get Adler! is in stores across the country including Indigo at the Mayflower Mall, Sydney.

“This is the game we’ve been looking to come up with because it’s such a mainstream game,” he said. “It’s for females and males, young and old, for gamers and for non-gamers. We’ve tested it a lot, people just love it."

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Growth in the cards for Caper Games

THE CHRONICLE HERALD, Halifax, January 29, 2016

Randall Thompson has taken his love of games and made a small company out of it.

His brainchild, Caper Games, is in the middle of a Kickstarter to collect the money to distribute Get Adler!, their latest offering, across the U.K, U.S., and Canada.

The social deduction card game, meant for four to six players, is set in London, England in 1937. It involves the search for double agent Adler and his accomplice, by four different law authorities.

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