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Deduction card game for 4 to 8 players

$20 plus shipping

Colonization game for 1 to 4 players 

$30 plus shipping

Hockey card game for

2 players

$12 plus shipping

Soccer card game for

2 players

$10 plus shipping

"A solid game that will hit my table repeatedly." Alan Gerding, Tuesday Knight Games

London, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. So, too, is MI6 Agent Adler! The only clue is an intercepted message: 'Trafalgar at seven'. MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard and Constable Townsend have been thrown this task: Find and eliminate Adler! They've got seven hours.


GET ADLER! is a multi-player card game in which secret characters investigate each other to unmask double agent Adler. Once the traitor is revealed, the game transforms into an action-packed race against time to eliminate Adler and to recover Top-Secret documents.

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"A breath of fresh air!" The Purge Reviews

"This game is a true gem."

Father Geek, game reviewer,

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"9/10 - This is our favorite social deduction game. Excellent." Lee Hughes, Oklahoma, USA

"Get Adler! is a wonderful family game!" Jennifer, Australia

"Get Adler! is recommended for ages 10+. I played with a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old and the rest were adults. The ten-year-old ended up being Adler, fooled everyone and ended up winning the game for the Villains. Neither of them had any issues with anything in the game play. I think the ten-year-old really loved being the bad guy. We very much enjoyed it at a regular game night, and everyone asked to bring it back for the next meeting."
Ben Parker, MeepleGamers, click here for the full review

10/10 "I am generally not the biggest fan of social deduction games. Perhaps it is only the ones I've played, but I always feel that once you have an idea of who a "bad guy" may be, the game just loses steam. This is not true for Get Adler!. This is a social deduction game where I feel there is so much more of a game to it. It isn't over once you know who Adler is, if anything, that's when the game and player interaction really kick in. It isn't a difficult game either - it is a game that kids can play as well. Easy to set up, easy to explain. In short, as far as social deduction games go, this is my absolute favorite."
Leon, Geek City USA

"I've played Get Adler! a few times with new groups of friends and it has been a HIT.

Everyone LOVES it! Thanks for making an excellent game."

Scott DeSanders, Texas, USA

"Get Adler is more than a game of two halves. It’s more like a Kinder Egg with two very different elements which work together in a satisfying way: a toy and chocolate; careful deduction and a high speed chase. Like Poirot meets Duel or Cumberbatch meets Rathbone. If the mixed metaphors are upsetting you, just pick one and go with that. I can see some of you twitching but I felt ‘It’s fab, I love it!’ didn’t really do it justice. In fact – it’s the bomb!"

Ann Jones, Cards or Die, see the full review...


"Get Adler! has all the bearings of a cult classic.

You can put that on the back of the box."

David Norris, Australian Game Reviewer and Blogger of 'Roll To Review'


"The maker of Get Adler! put a lot of effort into creating a stylistic retro-universe of spy vs. spy. As a result this game is very thematic. It starts out as a fun, but more mature, take on "Guess-Who?". But as the tension mounts and accusations fly, the second half becomes extremely action packed when the hunt begins. Which makes this game a hit at parties and is also pretty family friendly. My children's ages are 12-16, so this hit the sweet spot for all of us. That said, gun play and player elimination is not for everyone...I have played this game at 4 players, 6 players, and 8 players, which gameplay gets even better with more spies. And as fun as the base game is, adding the player powers enhances the experience greatly. Bravo Mr. Thompson...or should I say....Mr. Adler!!"

S.B. Crumb, NY, USA

4/5 stars. "L'ambiance y est, le matériel fait l'affaire. Un peu répétitif ? Mais c'est un jeu d'ambiance qui est facile d'accès et qui procure une heure de jeu sympa avec des joueurs occasionnels."

Bertrand C., review on


"I thought the game was a lot of fun!"

Cassie Elle, Game Reviewer, USA


"Get Adler! is addictive. We just played it 4 times in a row. The chase is so much fun..."

Glenn Flaherty, Game Reviewer 'Boardgames and Bourbon', Washington, USA



"This is a lovely game that I had the pleasure of playing."

Christina, Girls' Game Shelf

"It feels like an old school spy film!

Maurice Fitzgerald, Club Fantasci

"It is great for a group that loves to play games like Resistance, Avalon, & Coup."

Christopher Richter, Boardgaming For The Win


"Great blend of deduction and fast paced action."

Daniel, Luxembourg


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Award-winning Hockey Fun!

Shooterz Hockey Card Game, gamebox and content

Shooterz Hockey Card Game is fast-paced, head-2-head fun!
Players pick through a special deck looking for combinations to shoot for a goal,      while trying to keep their players out of the sin bin. Big goals and big saves!
There are two teams, red vs. blue. The jerseys are centres, wingers and defence.
Your team must collect one of each position to shoot for a goal. However, your opponent might be able to block the shot if his/her team jerseys have a higher total number.

There are special shooting and goalie cards for each shot. Do you know your opponent's tendencies? Each time through the deck is a full period, with OT and shootout rules. GAME ON! 

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"9/10. I highly recommend it for hockey fans, casual or hardcore."

Gregg Senko, Ohio, USA


"Shooterz captures the back and forth action of hockey very well. It's sure to light the hockey lamp for fans of all ages!"

Maurice Fitzgerald, game reviewer and pro hockey announcer