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Vertium is a quick and tactical space colonization game for 1 to 4 players. Players are faction commanders directing their captains to claim planets and mine the powerful radioactive element, Vertium.

Time: 30-60 min. Ages: 9+ / Players: 1 - 4

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Get Adler! Deduction Card Game


GET ADLER! is a multi-player card game in which secret characters investigate each other to unmask double agent Adler. Once the traitor is revealed, the game transforms into an action-packed race against time to eliminate Adler and to recover Top-Secret documents.


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"This is a lovely game that I had the pleasure of playing."

Christina, Girls' Game Shelf


"Get Adler! is addictive. We just played it 4 times in a row. The chase is so much fun..."

Glenn Flaherty, Game Reviewer 'Boardgames and Bourbon', Washington, USA


"It's the Bomb!"

Ann Jones, Cards or Die, see the full review...


"A solid game that will hit my table repeatedly."

Alan Gerding, Tuesday Knight Games

"Get Adler is a wonderful family game!"

Jennifer, Australia


"Get Adler! has all the bearings of a cult classic.

You can put that on the back of the box."

David Norris, Australian Game Reviewer and Blogger of 'Roll To Review'


"I played three times today with some of my seniors (17-18 yrs.) at school. They're big, big fans of this game. It went over like gangbusters."

Peter Barringer, Teacher, Indiana, USA



"I thought the game was a lot of fun!"

Cassie Elle, Game Reviewer, USA

"It feels like an old school spy film!

Maurice Fitzgerald, Club Fantasci


"I thoroughly enjoyed this game."

Katie Aidley Boardgames, read the full review here

"It is great for a group that loves to play games like Resistance, Avalon, & Coup."

Christopher Richter, Boardgaming For The Win


"Great blend of deduction and fast paced action."

Daniel, Luxembourg


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Award-winning Hockey Fun!

Shooterz Hockey Card Game, gamebox and content

Shooterz Hockey Card Game is fast-paced, head-2-head fun!
Players pick through a special deck looking for combinations to shoot for a goal,      while trying to keep their players out of the sin bin. Big goals and big saves!
There are two teams, red vs. blue. The jerseys are centres, wingers and defence.
Your team must collect one of each position to shoot for a goal. However, your opponent might be able to block the shot if his/her team jerseys have a higher total number.

There are special shooting and goalie cards for each shot. Do you know your opponent's tendencies? Each time through the deck is a full period, with OT and shootout rules. GAME ON! 

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