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Our company publishes award-winning card and board games, and the action-packed soccer youth book series 'The Strikerz'.


Shooterz Hockey Card Game, gamebox and content

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Shooterz Hockey Card Game is a fast-paced, head-2-head game. You pick through a special deck looking for combinations to shoot for a goal, while trying to keep your players out of the sin bin. Big goals and big saves!

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World Cup Fever!

Soccer Tactics World game board with wooden pawns and gold trophy

Get into the action with our fast-paced soccer games. Soccer Tactics WORLD captures the strategy and excitement of a real football match. Engage in tournament fun with our Extra-Team pawns. Experience pure soccer emotion. Soccer Tactics WORLD - The world's biggest game in a small box!



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Strikerz Soccer Card Game, game box

Head-2-Head soccer action with cards! You are the manager of your team. Coach your players to victory, make the key substitution. Enjoy light and fun strategy as the shooter and keeper try to outsmart each other on shot attempts: Big Goals! Big Saves!


STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game

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The Strikerz youth book cover

“A unique story of the power of the human spirit, and how one person can truly make a difference in the life of a town.”
Laura Backes, Editor, Colorado, USA


Youth book!


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