STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game

'The World's Biggest Game in a Small Box!'

STRIKERZ is a fast-paced card game for soccer fans, children, and couples! Players pick through a full deck as they try to get one of three positions to shoot for a goal! You are the manager of your team and must know when to make key substitutions. This award-winning game contains all the rules of football, including yellow and red cards, offside flags and whistles. Big Goals! Big Saves! 


Head-2-Head soccer action.

Ages 8+  Time: 20 min.

STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game


Canadian dollars. Includes shipping to the USA. ($11.50 US!)


STRIKERZ Soccer Card Game


Canadian dollars. Includes shipping within Canada


"A Fun, Snappy Little Game ..." 

Ann Jones, Cards or Die Review

I grew up saturated with football (with a Scouse family it was inevitable) but I'm not the greatest fan myself. Still I really enjoyed this game and definitely if you love football this is one that has been lovingly designed for you. It is so much more than just football themed, instead it mimics a game of football using strikers, defenders and midfielders who must play together well to shoot, subs, red and yellow cards and the shoot at goal mechanism. If you want to get a football lover playing more games with you then this is definitely a way to tempt them in. It's a fun, snappy little game and I can't wait to take it out to events and get people playing. Read full review here...

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Should I remove the Goal cards at the beginning of the game?

Yes! The Goal cards are used to mark the score. You get one when you score!

Besides being tons of fun, STRIKERZ is EDUCATIONAL:

(shhh... don't tell the kids that STRIKERZ will improve their math).

* Addition & Comparing - you can shoot with 30 points (jersey numbers).

You can block a shot if your shirt numbers are equal to or greater than the opposition's.

* Decision Making - which player to sub in and out.

Do you need to bring in a striker or defender? 


Halifax - SoccerStop

Charlottetown - SoccerStop

The photo below if just for fun. The game does not set up this way.

See the video above for how STRIKERZ is set up and plays. And the rule book of course.