Soccer Tactics World

SOCCER TACTICS WORLD combines the strategy of soccer with the heart of the game. Eleven players per team on a traditional full-length field. This game includes dribbling, passing and capturing the ball; and intense battle for ball control. But watch out — yellow and red cards can be handed out!
There are short and long passes, and offensive and defensive strategies. Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks and Penalty Kicks! And don't be caught off-side! Play a full 90 minute game (or set your own time). This game plays like the real thing.

SOCCER TACTICS WORLD is pure soccer emotion!

"Soccer Tactics World is Awesome! Realistic, yet playable and fun. Great for helping kids visualize soccer strategy. Highly recommended!"

Jason, Arizona, USA


The world's biggest game in a small box!

Soccer Tactics - custom wooden pawns



Play with custom-made wooden pawns!


Soccer Tactics - cool translucent timer


Keep track of your halves with

a cool, translucent timer!


Soccer Tactics - shooting die


Shoot for a goal by rolling the special shooting die!  

Soccer Tactics - red and yellow cards


Hand out red and yellow cards!


Teams in other colours are available

in our online store!

2008 edition: featuring a middle circle spinner to shoot for a goal,

score dials and a 'golden' trophy.