"This game is a blast!" — Chris C., Canada



"My children and I love Soccer Tactics WORLD! I have a boy and a girl, they love to spend hours playing... Approach the parent-child relationship through play! I recommend STW".

— Jose, SP, Brazil


"A Terrific Game and a Wonderful Way to Learn Soccer Tactics
"I ordered this game for my soccer-loving daughter. Although it is not difficult to learn, it takes a little time to familiarize yourself with the rules. Although it is nothing like chess, it reminds me of the best of chess in the way it requires you to plan ahead and think about the sport of soccer as you plan your moves in response to the random rolls of the dice. My daughter and I have spent enjoyable quality time playing the game. She is learning tactics without realizing it while we both have fun!"

4.5 out of 5 stars — Blake, Coach, Pelham, NY





"Absolute and fun and realism with a board and die. It takes a game or two to get the rules down pat but once you do, you're hooked. The game flows much like an actual game. All four of my kids, 7-14, love it!!"

5 out of 5 stars — Woody, Coach, Smyrna, TN


"I wish I had this game when I was a kid. I'm using this game to teach my sons how to play positional and possession soccer. I've been coaching in a youth soccer league for a number of years now, and I'm finding this game a must tool. Keep up the good work and thanks again for a great game."

Ray S., Mass. USA


”Best in class.” — Roy L ., USA


"I'm American, I love soccer, I used to play it. I think your game is great. It is the best table top soccer game that I've played. It's great to teach kids how to play soccer, or other Americans that don't know anything about soccer."

— Gary, Indiana, USA

"Soccer Tactics World is Awesome! Realistic, yet playable and fun. Great for helping kids visualize soccer strategy. Highly recommended!"

Jason, Arizona, USA


”It' s a lot of fun to see these 11 guys going around in the field forgetting the tactics teached by the coach! But they make their best to score, that's for sure. Very nice experience!”

— Luigi C., Italy

"Although I played very little soccer growing up, Soccer Tactics World makes you feel like you’re really into it. Now when I see a game on TV, I can really relate to the action. AND take the real thing right back to the STW field."

— Mike M., Denver, Colorado, USA


”The best soccer game I've ever played!” — Daniel G. R., Spain

”Soccertastic!!!” — Paul D., UK


"Equality in football. My wife and I have been fighting for the dice! Soccer Tactics WORLD is a fun, family experience".

— Fabio, SP, Brazil

”This is exciting! If you like football, you can't fail to enjoy this. It has all the flavour of a real football match. You'll find yourself cheering and screaming and getting on edge. Goal scoring opportunities are just about right. This game is also very attractive and well-made. Children and teenagers are as likely to enjoy it as any football-fan is with his/her buddies.”

— David S., UK


”My children especially enjoy this game. It is fun and easy to teach. There are also benefits to playing this game with children. Soccer Tactics WORLD has been an excellent way to teach my son some very basic rules (offside, penalties, etc.) and mechanics (passing, positioning, etc.).”

— Jonathan A., USA



”Une belle surprise!” — Robert A., Canada


"Somos un grupo de amigos al que nos gustan los juegos de mesa. Después de jugar a algunos títulos bastante sesudos, buscamos un juego de fútbol que fuera rápido y dinámico. Nuestra elección fue Soccer Tactics y no nos equivocamos. Las mecánicas del juego son muy sencillas, lo que permite jugar un partido en pocos minutos después de abrir la caja. El ritmo es frenético y en los partidos en los que el marcador está ajustado, la emoción se convierte en tensión al final. Como digo, las mecánicas son simples, pero el posicionamiento que hagamos de los jugadores en el campo será clave para el desarrollo del encuentro. El juego implementa sin gran complicación todo tipo de jugadas, luchas por el control del balón, saques de esquina, falta, tarjetas y expulsiones. Entre los puntos a favor, la facilidad con la que se puede enganchar a gente que no suele jugar a juegos de mesa, en algunos casos, incluso aunque no les guste el fútbol (como mi novia). Es un juego que se presta a añadir tus propias reglas si quieres algo más de complejidad. En resumen, divertido, rápido y lo que necesitábamos para emular el éxito de España en el Mundial :)  

Alberto, Spain

“Soccer Tactics WORLD is a beautiful simulation of the beautiful game, with fantastic components and simple, elegant rules. This is a must-have for any futbol fan.”

— Zach M., California, USA

"Hallo, hier ist Roland aus Germany - ein Fußballfan aus Chemnitz in Sachsen! Euer Spiel " Soccer Tactics WORLD" gefällt mir und meiner Familie sehr gut. Wir haben es aus Canada mitgebracht. Nachdem wir uns von Eurer Website die deutschen Regeln ausgedruckt hatten, waren wir gleich am Spielen. Jetzt wissen meine Enkel 11 und 16 Jahre alt - und meine Frau was "Abseits" ist (Haha!!). Es ist ein hervorragendes Strategiespiel, etwas für lange Winterabende hier im Erzgebirge in Germany."

— Roland, Germany