Shooterz Hockey Card Game

Shooterz Hockey Card Game, game box and content

SHOOTERZ Hockey Card Game.

Head-2-Head hockey action for 2 players, ages 8 to adult


   Turnover! The crowd roars. You turn on a dime and speed for the hole between the defence. You scream for the puck, and your team-mate puts it on your tape.

   Your heart is pounding as you jet across the blue-line. You look up as the goalie races out to cut down the angle. Silence. All you hear is your own thoughts - and your breathing.

   You know what you're going to do... You fake the shot and cut to your left. As he drops his glove to follow you - you rifle the puck into the top corner! Pandemonium! The crowd explodes, as you turn and are mobbed by your team-mates. Yeah, baby!

He shots! He scores! Back of SHOOTERZ Card Game box