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Vertium is a quick and tactical space colonization game for 1 to 4 players. Players are faction Commanders directing their Captains to claim planets and mine the powerful radioactive element Vertium.

As influential moons orbit the colonized planets, additional Vertium is gained. However, you'll have to be wise and courageous, because your rivals have their eyes on your spheres and resources. The stakes are clear: whoever controls the Vertium will control Copernicus, and perhaps, the galaxy. Prepare for conflict.
Time: 30-60 min. / Ages: 9+ / Players: 1 - 4


" I have to say, this was a pleasure to play for all the folks that I brought in to help. With player count ranging from 1 player up to 4, and the variance of skills needed to play this, both newer and experienced gamers enjoyed it. This is not a big box game, but you will find a lot of replay and requests for this to come back to the table. The sweet spot seemed to be around 3-4 players, and if playing both phases, it took around 40 minutes on average. It also has very light language dependency; I was able to take this and play it with folks who knew little to no English, and they were able to play it with no difficulties (the icons really make it easy!).

Delton Perez, reviewer and game night organizer, Everything Board Games

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