Billy the Kid is wanted – Dead or Alive!


The governor of New Mexico Territory has put a $ 500 bounty on the head of outlaw William H. Bonney. and the Sheriff of Lincoln County, Pat Garrett, aims to collect it.


To stay alive, the Kid is rustling cattle for gold in Arizona and New Mexico. But some big guns are on his tail, including Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.


In an era where there's a fine line between an outlaw and a lawman, you have to know who your real friends are and who has your back. A little gold may help your friends decide which side they're on.


Will the Kid continue to evade the law or will he finally get what's coming to him?

Get Billy the Kid! is a social deduction card game in which secret characters investigate each other to unmask the outlaw. Once the Kid is revealed, the game transforms into an action-packed race against time to capture Bonney and collect the bounty!

Game Play - In the first part of the game, players pick through a deck of cards to build a good hand and to investigate the other players. When they play a card, they can ask a question or look at someone's hand or do other actions to try and determine who is who at the table. After the characters are revealed, you play special cards to try and arrest the outlaw. But it won't be easy to arrest the Kid as he has special escape cards, pistols and a little TNT!

Players: 4-8 Time: 20-30 min. Ages: 9+

includes a 2-player quick version: High Noon Shootout!


*Get Billy the Kid! is the second in the 'Get!' series.

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game is the first.


Avatar by Semi Co-op
Avatar by Semi Co-op

"Raised on 'cowies' as my Dad called the Westerns - one of my favourite films is Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid - the theme of this game is right up my street. The two part structure means it is a lot more than just a hidden role or deduction game. And on top of all that, the artwork is lovely - particularly the character cards. I can't wait to play and share my pictures of the final version. If you remember Young Guns you'll remember the repeated assertion that Billy the Kid 'ain't all there, is he?' I can assure you that this version of the kid is definitely 'all there'."

--Anne Jones, game reviewer,, UK, read the full review here