Who is your favourite character?

Get Adler! Deduction Card Game is an immersive game set in 1930’s pre-war London. The stunning artwork and engaging gameplay allows you to experience the cloak & dagger theme each time you play.






MI6-Double-Agent Josef Adler was a key British spy, employed against the Germans. However, he has betrayed the crown and has snatched top-secret military documents. Adler is armed and extremely dangerous.





MI5-Agent Sarah Gold has been put in charge of stopping Adler. She knows the traitor well. Her brilliant mind is matched by her fierce courage.






Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Victor Sharpe has been called in by Gold. He is a clever sleuth who will have to use all his marbles to get Adler.






Constable Townsend is a tough and reliable policeman. He has a great memory and, unlike his fellow bobbies, is secretly armed.







Kate Collins used to be a receptionist at MI6. She has fallen for the devious but charming Adler and will do anything to help him!







MI6-Agent Boris Tarasov is hot on the trail of his former colleague. Tarasov used his quick wits to escape Stalin’s Soviet Union, and is Adler’s biggest headache.