A Clever Hidden Identity Game

for 4 - 8 players

"This game really should be more widely known. Excellent social deduction game that also works for a small number of players (4-8)." David Dolzan, Slovenia

"Just played Get Adler! with friends at a huge gaming party. It was a big hit. Everyone loved it."

Kayla Lewis, Texas




London, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. So, too, is MI6 Agent Adler! The only clue is an intercepted message: 'Trafalgar at seven'. MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard and Constable Townsend have been thrown this task: Find and eliminate Adler! They've got seven hours.


GET ADLER! is a multi-player card game in which secret characters investigate each other to unmask Adler. Once the traitor is revealed, the game transforms into an action-packed race against time to eliminate Adler and to recover Top-Secret documents.