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A Tabletop Game for Two Players.

Featuring an excellent pitching mechanic!

Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack and pull up a seat to The Old Ball Game! TOBG is a head-2-head, traditional baseball game, featuring real-time pitching (no charts or die rolls to determine results). Players can enjoy a full 9 innings or just play a couple.


The emphasis of TOBG is on the heart of the game - pitching, with timely hitting sprinkled in and solid fielding (except for the occasional error!)


TOBG moves along smoothly and quickly, with the time of play dictated by the time to pitch. Meaning you can take your time or play fast - it's up to you. There are special rules for stealing and double-plays; and old-fashioned score boards keep track of the count and score, for that Authentic feel.


Pitching: The pitcher has 7 pitches to choose from. The pitching happens in 2 stages with the batter saying 'Take' or 'Swing' at each pitch. The result is a ball or strike. As the count goes deeper, the batter gets the advantage and knowledge will prevail over luck. The pitching is tense and exciting, and the 'thinking' part of the game.

Batting: When the batter swings at a Strike he gets a potential hit - he flips over a Batting card to reveal a Single, Double, Triple (or Home Run!), hit to various areas of the ball park. (There are also infield flies.)

Fielding: The fielding team will select which Fielding card to turn over to make the play. Results are Out, Hit or an Error!

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