The Adventures of Gold and Sharpe

A Short Story Collection based on Get Adler!

Follow the daring exploits of Inspector Victor Sharpe and MI5 agent Sarah Gold as they team up to get German double-agent Adler and solve fascinating crimes across London.


Case #1 – Get Adler! MI5 agent Sarah Gold has called in Detective Inspector Victor Sharpe to capture double-agent Adler and recover top-secret documents. However, getting the traitor won’t be so easy, as Adler is more sinister than expected.


Case #2 – The Prescott Sisters  Harriet has been the faithful daughter putting her life on hold for her sick parents, while her more-loved sister, Margaret, partied her life away. Secrets are revealed when Maggie is fished out of the Thames river.


Case #3 – Diamonds in the Rough is a classic whodunit, as Victor Sharpe and Sarah Gold team up to catch Granny, who has been robbing jewellery shops in London and escaping on her red bicycle.


Case #4 – Adler’s Revenge! Adler has broken out of prison and kidnapped Sarah Gold. Victor is desperate to find her and eliminate his arch nemesis once and for all!      


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"As readable as racing through a bag of storm chips."
Elissa Barnard, Arts Writer, The Chronicle-Herald 

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"Victor Sharpe and Sarah Gold are such delightful characters. They jump right from the pages and into your heart. Look forward to more mysteries from Scotland Yard."

Steve Milley, Edmonton, Alberta

 "I enjoyed this book! The author has a great talent in using descriptors to pique your imagination's interest, but still moving the plot along. I loved the last story where it was like watching the characters figure out an escape room puzzle. I did enjoy all four of the stories in here."
Dan King, The Game Boy Geek, game reviewer, USA