The Strikerz - Bring It On!

“A heart-warming story with pulsating soccer action!“

The Strikerz - Bring It On! book cover

Thirteen-year-old EZ Taylor knows that his soccer team, the StrikerZ, has the talent to be champions. They even dream of turning pro for the top clubs in Europe, one day. But who will ever see them play?

The multi-ethnic kids, from small-town Nova Scotia, don’t even own uniforms or cleats. And they’ve never competed in a real League game. Some of them don’t even know where their next meal will come from, or if they’ll have a sober parent when they get home.

Fred Jones, a wealthy business man, knows these kids because he used to be like them. When he meets EZ, Lukas and Danny at summer camp, he vows to give the StrikerZ the opportunities they need to succeed.

But the StrikerZ learn that money alone won’t fix every problem. Sometimes you have to change what’s inside to become a winner.


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