The Strikerz - Bring It On!

“A heart-warming story with pulsating soccer action!“

The Strikerz - Bring It On! book cover

“Taylor taps the ball to Schmidt and goes forward . . . Schmidt passes back to Pearson . . . Danny Pearson dribbles to his right and boots a lovely ball toTaylor. TayLOR! Oh! What a strike! What a beauty! Top corner! Brilliant! Majestic! EZ Taylor has put the Baptists on the scoreboard! The Gooners are stunned!”

The StrikerZ laughed hysterically each time Lukas Schmidt relived the game by announcing the play-by-play in his best British accent. Even EZ howled, although he had been there and done it. The reaction of his friends was too much.

EZ stretched his tall, wiry frame and looked over his neighbourhood team that he'd been leading for three years now, since he was ten. Besides EZ, there were Lukas, Danny, Milan, Jose, Maddie, Logan, Zach, Tommy, Mario, and Bandit. Eleven. Just like soccer!