Cape Breton Orphan

A story of survival, overcoming, and forgiveness

"In 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and in 1969, I met my mother. I was eight years old."


In this gripping memoir, Randall James tears open his life story, taking the reader on a breathless roller coaster ride through his childhood, teen and adult life.


Despite years of neglect, poverty, and violence, Randall graduates from high school and heads out into the world. But his shaky foundation soon leads to drastic consequences, including a suicide attempt.


After battling alcohol, marital and health issues, Randall ultimately learns that life's roller coaster doesn't always conclude with a fairy tale ending. What's most important is not the ride itself, but who is with you along the way.


At times hilarious, at times harrowing, this candid account of one man's struggle, growth, and transformation points to the meaning beneath the hardships of life.


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Cape Breton Orphan

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Cape Breton Orphan

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The Author






Randall is a game designer

and author with Caper Games.




"I've fallen in love with these stories."


--Angela MacLean

  Hamilton, Ontario



 "I am enjoying this book very much! Even had tears."


--Nora Campbell

Sherwood Park, Alberta




 "As I read, I can feel the author's emotions coming through the pages. I can't wait to read more and receive my book in October!"


--Judy Urquhart
Whitby, Ontario



"I am enjoying this story. My emotions are all over the place. Cannot wait to read on!"


--Sharon Burke Randles

Sackville, Nova Scotia (Proud Cape Bretoner)



 "Randall James' memoir has captivated my interest to the point where I could not stop reading the chapter teasers. This is a story that draws you into the author's challenges as a child, teen and adult.

 I pre-ordered and am looking forward to its release."


--Damien Scott